Another Miracle

It has been exactly 2 months since I had tremendous back pain daily. The pain lasted for 12 years dating back to my days as a United States Marine. The Marine life is not good on the human body. I remember one night being in the waiting room at Balboa Naval Hospital for 12 hours […]

Like a Fire

When I was 12 years old, an awesome young lady came by to ask my mom if she could take my sister and me to church. Her name was Suzy. She picked us up in her little car and took us to church every Sunday and Wednesday until I was old enough to drive. I […]

God’s Timing Part 2

If you still have doubts about whether God is real after reading my first two posts, then this next story will expel many remaining doubts. I was even amazed at the miracle that I’m about to share with you. The year was 2014. We were expecting a son on August 12th, but my wife was […]

God’s Timing

PART I A few years ago our church started a capital campaign in an effort to raise enough money to move our congregation to a larger facility. We had 144 full seats, and on our last Easter service there I think we had over 300 people. Our pastor had a vision to expand The Point, […]

What is True?

If you ask 100 people this question, you will probably get 100 different answers. This has led most people to believe that nothing is true. It has also led many people to believe that everything is true. Today there are not very many people that believe that there is only One Truth. I do.