Another Miracle

It has been exactly 2 months since I had tremendous back pain daily. The pain lasted for 12 years dating back to my days as a United States Marine. The Marine life is not good on the human body. I remember one night being in the waiting room at Balboa Naval Hospital for 12 hours waiting to see a Navy doctor. I was stuck in a position that wasn’t quite standing up or sitting down. I was in tremendous pain. My lower back was spazzing the entire time I waited. They could do nothing for me but give me a shot of muscle relaxers. This only masked the pain.

I had been to the doctor multiple times about it over the first 10 years. Each time I was told the same things, do this stretch, take this pill, lose weight, or just deal with it. I learned to deal with it. I learned to keep a straight face even when I was in the worst pain. Many people know exactly what I’m talking about. Back pain is no joke. It never gives you a break.

One doctor sent me to physical therapy a couple years ago, and upon being inspected, it was discovered that my pelvis was misaligned. The therapist said that because of this condition, a muscle in my lower back was trying to pull up on my pelvis for eternity. Most doctors had been telling me to do stretches that actually aggravated this issue. She was the first person to give me a set of stretches that caused me to have temporary relief from the pain for the first time in about 10 years. I thanked God for that relief.

I went on for 2 more years trying to keep up the routine that took 30 minutes of stretching in the morning, and 30 minutes at night. I would get lazy at times and think that just one day (or more) without stretching for an hour wouldn’t hurt. However, just one day did hurt. The pain that took so much time to avoid, didn’t take long to return.

This year I was at the camp meeting for the Southern California (SoCal) District of the UPCI. On the first night of a 3 night camp with Reverend Jack Cunningham preaching, something amazing happened. Brother Cunningham asked if anyone needed a miracle. I raised my hand along with hundreds of other people. He then said we don’t need to pray for you each individually, we’re just going to believe together for God to heal us all.

I believed.

That 5-minute prayer changed my life. I woke up the next morning and noticed something. No pain. I hadn’t done my stretching routine in about a week, but still no pain. I was hurting the day before, but not that morning. As the day went on, I noticed something else. My pelvis felt like it was tilted back the correct way. It felt weird at first. I had gone 12 years with my pelvis tilted in one direction, and now it was sitting upright and normal. It actually took getting used to and felt weird at first. I noticed I was sitting and standing up straighter without having to force myself to do so.

I’ve had no back pain for 2 months now!

This is another piece of evidence that God is real to me. As, I’ve said before, I have my evidence, but God wants to give you your evidence. If you have your doubts, you need to seek Him. He promised that he would reward you for that.

Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please Him. For he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

This isn’t my first miracle. You can read more about what God has done in my life in other posts on this blog. I recommend starting here: What is True?


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