Nothing is Not a Cause

From time to time I will get swept into a debate with an atheist, and it often comes to a screeching halt when the atheist refuses to prove that there is no God. The atheist will argue that the onus of proving a ridiculous claim is on the one who makes the ridiculous claim. However, it seems more ridiculous to me to make the claim that the universe came into existence without a cause, or that it was caused by nothing.

It has been proven with very little doubt in the scientific community that the universe had a beginning. The Cosmological argument is nearly bulletproof. It has two premises and one conclusion.

P1: Anything that has a beginning must have a cause.

P2: The universe has a beginning.

C: Therefore, the universe has a cause.

Premise 1 is based on the Law of Causality. To argue against this law is to argue against science and reason itself. No one does. Premise 2 was long debated, but the evidence for it keeps growing. Very few people hold on to the idea that the universe is eternal. Starting with Einstein’s theory of general relativity in 1915, scientist have found discovery after discovery that points to a single point where the universe began. This makes for a pretty solid conclusion that the universe had a cause.

You really have two choices. Attack the Cosmological Argument, or come up with another cause. Attacking the Cosmological Argument is very difficult to do, so you should try to come up with another cause instead.

Potential Candidates:

  • God
  • Nothing
  • Other

If you think that “nothing” is the cause, then you will be hard-pressed to find answers for the Anthropic Principle. This principle is comprised of 120+ anthropic constants. If anyone of those constants were off by just a little bit, then life would not be possible.

A VERY little bit.

I won’t cover all the anthropic constants in this post, but I’ll probably talk more about them later. They are very interesting topics. In short, this principle makes it impossible for the universe to have occurred randomly. Meaning, the cause could not have been “nothing”. There was certainly a Designer.

If the cause is not God, then what?

Well you could argue that there is another cause besides God I suppose. However, your cause needs to have a few characteristics. First, the cause must be eternal. If it is not eternal, then it too must have a cause. It must also be very powerful. I mean, it did create a giant universe. It must also be very intelligent. As I will show in future posts, this universe is covered with the fingerprints of intelligent design. The Anthropic Principle is one of those fingerprints.

In short, the cause would be:

  • Omnipresent
  • Omnipotent
  • Omniscient

You can call it what you want, but I call this God.

I hope that I’ve at least shown that it is not a ridiculous claim to believe that something eternal caused the universe to come into existence. I realize there is reason to believe that this could be any one of the gods worshipped by many different religions. However, I have personal evidence that this eternal being is the God of the Bible. I’ve shared some of this evidence in previous posts, and I plan to share more. If you are unsure about what caused the universe, then follow my blog.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing is Not a Cause

  1. The onus is not on an atheist to prove there is no god, that is called proving a negative and it has no place in debate or any kind of sensible discussion. If you are bringing forth an argument that god does indeed exist, the onus is on you do prove that, not vice versa. Your discussions with atheists comes to a screeching halt because you run out of road when you try to force your opponent to prove a negative, which of course is immature and silly. That is the point in the discussion when you provide proof that god does exist, therefore you run out of road because you cannot of course prove this, it is a fallacy.

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    1. Thanks for reading Paul. Fortunately, this is the point of my blog. I’m taking on the task of proving that there is a God. The universe had a cause. I’m working to prove that the cause is God.


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