God is Real – Evidence Review

In my first post What is True?, it would be hard to read that story and walk away believing that there is no God. It is even harder to live it, and then deny that there is a God. There’s just no explanation for the events that took place outside of the Divine.

In my 2nd and 3rd posts, I demonstrated how God had answered specific prayers in His timing. The timing of both was too accurate to be happenstance. The prophetic word that my wife received was not only timely but very specific. It was too specific to be guesswork.

I could write entire blogs to add to this evidence on things like:

  • The time I prayed for God to help my wife understand that my ministry was our ministry, not just mine. She was struggling with this concept. She thought she was just tagging along. That same week while she was away at ladies conference, a lady walked up to her in prayer after service and told her that God wanted to use her too and that her husband was not the only person that was called to ministry in our relationship.
  • Or the time when I was uncertain if God wanted me to move back to Alabama. I had mixed signals, and part of me really wanted to go home while another part of me felt strongly that I should stay in California. I prayed in my car at lunch for a sign. I asked God to let my phone ring, and let it either be someone from Alabama or someone from California. Right at that moment, the phone rang (it actually startled me), and it was my friend from California asking me what I was doing for lunch. He has called me about lunch maybe 3 times in the last 6 years. Normally we just text.
  • I’ve seen a blind man receive his sight instantly in Jesus’ name.
  • I’ve seen a woman strung out on hard drugs one minute, and after prayer in our church, she was sober instantly. She had zero addition to the drugs that had controlled her just moments before. She cleaned up her whole life without any medical help.
  • I’ve seen a demon possessed person foaming at the mouth and convulsing like an actor in a horror film in ways the human body can’t naturally move, be delivered instantly in the name of Jesus.
  • I’ve seen a lady with a brain aneurysm prayed for on Sunday, and the very next day the doctors examined her and said she was perfectly fine. The doctors were astonished.

I could keep going, and probably will in another post, but I think you get the point. I’ve seen and heard too much. You’ve come too late to tell me that there is no God. If you had seen half the things I’ve seen, you would believe too. If you have not seen the things that I’ve seen, then perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. Or perhaps you are not even looking at all.

I’m certain that you do not have enough evidence to prove that God is not real. If you claim that God does not exist, then you are either guessing right, or you are guessing wrong, but it’s a guess either way.

I have provided you some evidence, but there is one problem. It is MY evidence, not yours. This leaves you with 4 choices really:

  1. Believe me.
  2. Call me a liar.
  3. Ignore me.
  4. Investigate my evidence for yourself.

For those that are tired of playing guessing games, here’s where to start your investigation. Go to the places where I have witnessed God. If you were investigating a murder, you would start at the scene of the crime. If you want to investigate the existence of God, then physically go to the places that people are claiming to encounter him. I promise you that if you hang around a church like the one I go to long enough, your doubts will begin to fade. If you would like help finding a church of true believers, message me here.

The next series of evidence that I will write about is the process in which God’s Spirit dwells inside of a human being. This supernatural experience is something that cannot be explained away if it happens to you. It is substantial evidence of God’s existence, but it must be experienced personally. I cannot help a skeptic, if they won’t at least test my theories.

Thank you for keeping up so far if you are skeptical. I’ve got more evidence if you remain curious enough.

If you are already a believer, thanks for reading, and please share my blog on social media.

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