God’s Timing Part 2

If you still have doubts about whether God is real after reading my first two posts, then this next story will expel many remaining doubts. I was even amazed at the miracle that I’m about to share with you.

The year was 2014. We were expecting a son on August 12th, but my wife was certain that the doctor had told her that the due date was on the 11th. I knew she was wrong, so naturally, we agreed that the due date was on the 11th. We had about 7 or 8 months before Asher would arrive. One minor thing that we had not ironed out were the details about who was going to be watching our son all day. My wife and I both worked 40 hours a week. Our combined income was nice, and we lived comfortably in our suburban SoCal home. However, our budget got tighter as we began to give more and more to our church. After some shopping around for ridiculously expensive childcare, it came down to two options.

  1. Spend my wife’s entire paycheck on childcare.
  2. Let my wife be a stay at home mom.

It didn’t make sense for her to work all day just to pay for childcare, so we went with option number two. The problem was that we could not afford to live in our cute little three bedroom house without doing one of 2 things.

  1. Stop paying our monthly pledge to the capital campaign that I wrote about in the last post.
  2. Sell our house.

Most people would totally go for option 1 in these circumstances. Who would sell their house just to keep up with a pledge to a church?

We did.

I knew that God wanted us to keep giving our pledge. I knew that the events leading up to the capital campaign were guided by God. The timing of my prayer and subsequent selling of my truck and camper was miraculous. Most people miss these miracles because the easy thing would have been to pledge $50 and keep my truck and trailer. I for one, like to trust God. This is why I’ve seen evidence of His existence, and here’s another example.

So, I told my wife we had to sell the house for a certain amount. We didn’t know if our house was even worth that amount, but that’s what we had to get. We met with our realtor Carol, and before disclosing our asking price, she recommended that we put our house on the market for exactly the price we had in mind. We took that as a sign that we were doing the right thing. Carol then put together an excellent marketing campaign and planned our first open house. Carol and us, had little doubt that our house would last more than 30 days on the market. We were all confident our turnkey corner lot would sell super fast.

It didn’t.

After a few months of no offers, my wife began to have second thoughts. Asher’s due date was quickly approaching, and we were growing anxious by the minute. No one knew exactly what we were going through. It wasn’t like we were advertising that we had to sell our home that we loved because we could no longer afford it. It felt like we were going through this trial alone, but we pressed on.

I held on to the miracle that God did with my truck and trailer. I knew God came through at the last minute before, and he could do it again. My wife had more doubt than I did, but this test took its toll on both of us. I decided to do what I’ve done so many times before when things got tough.

I prayed.

God. I know you framed the world with your words, and there is nothing that you cannot do. I know that you wanted us to give our monthly pledge for the new church building. Now I’m trusting in you to help us keep that pledge. I believe that you will help us either sell our house on July 11th, or we will keep it and trust that you will give me a raise so that we can afford to stay here. I’m putting it in your hands, Lord.

I chose that date because it was exactly one month before Asher was to be born. It would give us time to move before he arrived. I didn’t realize that it was a Friday when I prayed about that date, but Carol did. She asked me to move the date to the 15th so that she could have one more weekend to sell our house. I told her that I couldn’t move the date, but I don’t think I told her that it was because of my prayer.

Three weeks later in early July, we went to the SoCal UPCI Camp Meeting. It is a huge 3-day event with a couple thousand people from fellow churches all in one place worshiping God. I usually get off work for the day services, but this year I could only make it to the night ones. I was bummed out about it because I really wanted to hear one of the day speakers. His name was Gordon Winslow, and I had heard about his prophetic ministry.

Two days later on Sunday, I was missing church for a birth class. I was bummed about missing church and could have done without the birth class, to be honest. My pastor texted me and asked if I wanted to ride up to Truevine Church for Sunday night service. He said Gordon Winslow was preaching there. I said yes, and I was very excited about it.

My wife and I did not know anyone from Truevine at that time. It was a church just like ours, but we had never made any connections there. My pastor ended up sitting with other ministers, so we were pretty much in a crowd of strangers. The preaching was awesome, but the ending was unlike any service I had ever been in.

Brother Winslow asked all 200+ plus people there to get in a line. He said he was going to prophesy to everyone there one at a time. I was a little skeptical that he could have a word from God for everyone there. Even though God had spoken to me a few times, for some reason I doubted this would be one of those times. I almost didn’t get in line, but I would have been the lone person in their seat.

As I got closer to the front of the line, my doubt grew. I really just wanted to leave. I felt like I was in the wrong place. I didn’t know anyone there. I felt awkward. Finally, it was my turn. Brother Winslow asked me to take off my right shoe and hand it to him. Then he said:

You wear a size 10. 10 is the number of dominion. You will be given dominion over your spiritual enemies. The verse I’m writing on the bottom of your shoe was a prophecy about Jesus, but it applies to you too.

He then tossed my shoe behind him, and prayed for me. I had even more doubt than I did before. It seemed like a general statement that he could have told anyone. I searched for my shoe to see what verse he had written on it.

Isaiah 11:2

As I replayed the events in my mind, I was interrupted by a loud commotion behind me. I forgot my wife was next up for the prophet. I turned to see her ecstatically praising God. I pushed back through the crowd to join her. As soon as she came to her senses for a moment, I asked her what he had said.

Don’t worry about your house. God is going to take care of it.


How could he have known to say that if not by inspiration of God? The incredible accuracy of what he said to my wife gave more weight to what he had said to me.

As amazing as this part of the story is, it gets better.

Six days later on Friday, July 11th I got a call at work from my wife. She said, “We got an offer on our house for the full asking price.” We went into escrow and sold the house to those same people.

God is real.

Jacob W. Jones

3 thoughts on “God’s Timing Part 2

  1. Wow!! I had no idea you were a gifted writer, Jacob!! What an inspiring testimony of the faithfulness of God💕💕 Many times in our lives, the Lord has waited, it seemed, until the last possible moment to answer a specific prayer. “He may not come when you want Him, but He’s right on time”…the words to a song we used to sing…and your testimony brought that song to mind…He is so faithful!! I look forward to reading more of your testimonies of God’s goodness🙏🙏💕💕🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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